Michael Gentile
Michael Gentile
City Council At-Large

Michael Gentile
for City Council At-Large supports:

- Fixing our roads and maintaining our parks
- Supporting Our Police and Fire Department
- Supporting Small Businesses
- Increasing the quality of life in the City of Utica



ON NOVember 5, 2019 VOTE FOR

Michael Gentile



Michael Gentile for
Utica Council

Michael Gentile, life long resident of the City of Utica is running for City of Utica Common Council At- Large. Having already received the endorsements of the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties, Gentile Looks to present a Back to Basics platform that never overlooks the basic functions the City of Utica should provide for its residents.

I have always looked for ways to improve the community I live in. Whether it be my professional life as a teacher for the SUNY Life College Program through UCP or my volunteer work running the local Little League programs — one thing is clear: working together and finding common ground is essential to moving any project forward large or small.

I believe that my experience and community engagement is exactly what the Common Council needs.

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WHat people in the community are saying about Michael:

“Mike Gentile represents so much of what is great about the Greater Utica area's milennial population. I've known him both personally and professionally for several years and am constantly wowed by his passion for the people of this city and his desire to improve it,  leave it better for future generations. I've worked with him as a volunteer for Landmarks Society, where he's given countless hours to the Society as assistance in their local programming. Doing everything from ticket-taking to donating his musical talents and band's valuable time as entertainment, he has made/saved the organization thousands of dollars in donated entertainment services. Working with him on the Republican Fundraising committee has left me impressed as well. He has worked hard at establishing and maintaining a long list of valuable local contacts, both inside and outside the political circles, and knows how and when to tap those resources to help achieve his organization's goals.Most importantly, I've seen his passion for effecting change within the youth of our community through his service with the Utica Little League Program. He has worked for years with the youth in our community helping them grow, develop as athletes and little human beings :-). And, of equal import, he's helped the parents within the organization learn how to help their kids become better little human beings too. His leadership of the organization has led to several major positive changes within it and I admire that.All in all, the Greater Utica area cannot ask for a better servant than this young man. He has shown to me over a period of years that he is dedicated to its people, charmed by its character and committed to its long-term growth and success as a community.”

-Jay Groah



What the people are saying about MichaeL:

Erin Says:

“I have known Michael Gentile for over eleven years. I first met him during my freshman year of college. I was initially drawn to him due to his charismatic personality and infectious laughter. However, it was his steadfast loyalty and reliability that allowed our friendship to foster into what it is today. Throughout the past decade, I have seen Michael in the highs and lows of life. Whether the moments were stressful or fun, discouraging or uplifting, his character was unwavering. He continuously displays strong leadership, a high morale, perseverance through the challenges of life and unmatched dedication to his family, community and to his city. 

Michael has held several diverse positions where he has displayed his leadership abilities. In all of the positions he has served in, he always has the best interest of those he is working with as his top priority. He does not take any job lightly. When he is given any responsibility, he commits himself wholeheartedly to completing the task. I have never once seen Michael make any decision that does not align with his morals. He makes his decisions with boldness and courage, even if it is an unpopular choice.  In a world of people that are scared to stand up for what they feel is right, it is refreshing to know that Michael will not waiver in holding to his convictions. 

Michael’s love for his family and city are unmatched to any that I have seen. He treats everyone around him with respect and kindness. He continually sacrifices his own selfish desires and needs in order to bring happiness to those he comes into contact with. He is proud to be from the city of Utica and I know he will do anything in his power to see those in his community prosper.”

Bradley from North Utica Says:

“I have known Michael Gentile for three years. We met when my children started playing baseball and

he was the North Utica Little League President. His commitment to the children of the city of Utica is

second to none. He has spent countless hours at the ball park devoting his time and energy to ensure

that the children have the best experience possible. I think that Michael has the passion and desire to

think outside of the box and be an asset to the common council. He has a passion for this city and wants

to see it grow and evolve. In just watching what he did with Little League baseball in the city by taking

the lead and getting all four leagues from the city to work together for the greater good, I envision him

being able to work the same magic on the common council. I have tons of respect for him as a

community member and a community leader.”




Proctor Graduate and now teacher at Upstate Cerebral Palsy, Michael helps young adults with disabilities acquire life skills at SUNY Polytechnic.



Years Serving Utica

Michael has been a heavily involved leader in his community through Little League, music programs throughout the Utica area, teaching, tutoring, and more.



Families Impacted

Since running his first tournament in 2004, Michael has seen first hand the benefits Utica’s Little League program has on our city’s families and youth. He has since served six years as Little League President, 4 years as District Safety Officer, and two years as District Administrator — the program reaches over 500 families per year and thousands outside of Utica.